Japanese customer loyalty app Tamecco attracts investment of nearly $1M

Masaru Ikeda by Masaru Ikeda on 2014.3.18


Osaka-based ‘Yume no Machi SoZo Iinkai‘ (literally meaning ‘committee creating a dream town’) is the company behind Japan’s leading food delivery site Demaecan. It recently announced that it has invested 100 million yen (approximately $983,000) in Tokyo-based Tamecco, a startup that has been developing a customer loyalty app using artificial intelligence technology.

Tamecco has partnered with more than 300 restaurant and retail chains in Japan. Their app helps them establish a solid relationship with customers by leveraging its geographical and social media features.

The company was launched back in 2012 by former investment banker Jonah Oh. They also have Google Japan’s former CEO Koichiro Tsujino on their advisory board.

via Venture Now

Masaru Ikeda

Masaru Ikeda

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