Home design marketplace Suvaco raises $1.2 million

Masaru Ikeda by Masaru Ikeda on 2014.3.15


Tokyo-based Suvaco, a home design marketplace startup, announced yesterday that it has raised $120 million yen (or about $1.18 million) from Fuji Startup Ventures and Mobile Internet Capital. [1]

Since their launch back in July, Suvaco has been providing a market place focused on home designs, where you can easily find interior or exterior designers by browsing their portfolio photos. Through a partnership with 200 home construction companies, to date the marketplace has acquired more than 8,000 examples of home renovation.

Fuji Startup Ventures’s sister company is media entity Fusosha. Coinciding with these funds, Suvaco has partnered with this publishing company to jointly launch a website that lists home renovation examples and connects potential customers with partnering construction companies. Suvaco will charge the construction companies on a monthly or sales performance basis.

  1. Fuji Startup Ventures is the investment arm of Japan’s leading private broadcaster Fuji TV. Mobile Internet Capital is an investment firm founded by former Intel Japan CEO Ikuo Nishioka.

Masaru Ikeda

Masaru Ikeda

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