Japanese mobile app developer raises $14M, sets up shop in Taiwan

Masaru Ikeda by Masaru Ikeda on 2014.5.21


From the left: Hisashi Katsuya, CEO Genki Shiota, COO Tetsuro Koda, Fumiaki Koizumi
(Photo: Akatsuki’s website)

Tokyo-based mobile app developer Akatsuki announced today that it has raised 1.4 billion yen (or about $14 million) from Globis and Link and Motivation. The company plans to accelerate its international business expansion using these new funds.

Since its launch back in June of 2010, the company has been responsible for games like Thousand Memories and Tails of Links, both of which have shown rapid growth.

Akatsuki will establish a Taiwanese subsidiary called Akatsuki Taiwan in June, where it will start developing games targeting Chinese-speaking markets.

Coinciding with this funding, the company has announced that former partner at IBM Venture Capital Group, Hisashi Katsuya, and former Mixi CFO, Fumiaki Koizumi, are joining the management board. Koizumi is involved with many startups, including Japanese mobile flea market startup Mercari and travel startup Trippiece.

via TechCrunch Japan

Masaru Ikeda

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