Review: Our 2nd Edition Takes Place In Cooperation With Mobile Monday Tokyo and Tokyo 2.0


Our second edition took place jointly with Mobile Monday Tokyo and Tokyo 2.0.

Mobile Monday started its history in Helsinki, Finland, it’s literally a tech community devoted to remarkable topics on the mobile industry and has a periodical presentation event on Monday evenings in many cities on the globe.

Meanwhile, Tokyo 2.0 is a tech community which has been launched by British guy Andrew Shuttleworth.   Nowadays it’s organized by the steering committee, focuses on timely web-related topics and invites a few people to present at a monthly event.

Most of people attending these events are usually non-Japanese because they were founded by non-Japanese,   In terms of encouraging Japanese tech start-ups to be approved among the international tech community, we think it is very important for Japanese and non-Japanese to share the same opportunity and experience through meet-up events.   That’s why we decided to have a joint edition with them.

Mobile Monday Tokyo and Tokyo 2.0 brought a bunch of attendees that evening, more than 200 people were at the event.  It was a very hot event, and hot in the air temperature at the venue, too.  We apologize you for any inconvenience.

Probably, in the future, we’ll have another joint meet-up with them again.

Special thanks to: Lars Cosh-Ishii, Andrew Shutleworth, Paul Papadimitriou and Steve Nagata

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