Invitation to Startup Weekend Tokyo


It is Global Entrepreneurship Week between November 14 and 21 when a variety of business development events are scheduled to take place in Tokyo and Kyoto.

In time with this opportunity, there will be an event called Startup Weekend Tokyo from November 19 to 21, which will be the second edition here in Japan.

At Startup Weekend, people with a variety of skill sets come together and attempt to develop new services and launch them during the weekend.   The upcoming edition is three-day event, the attendees are expected to pitch ideas on Day 1 (Friday evening, 19th), team up and develop on Day 2 (Saturday, 20th), present and choose the best one on Day 3 (Sunday 21st).   It seems like a combination of brainstorming for business development and hackerthon.

In order to complete the ideas on a practical basis, the three-day results should be brushed up further.  However, this will give a great experience to potential entrepreneurs and acting entrepreneurs in terms of training themselves by teaming up people with different skill sets and launching services in a limited time.

Startup Weekend was launched by Kauffman Foundation and takes place in more than 100 cities all around the world.   The foundation is founded by American pharmaceutical magnate Ewing Kauffman.   He served the first owner of major baseball league team Kansas City Royals.

Startup Dating organizer Masaru Ikeda served the judge at Startup Weekend’s 1st event last year, and he has been deliberating on how Startup Dating can do something with Startup Weekend.  And he joined the organizer board for their Tokyo event.

He has not yet concluded how we can cooperate with them, but we just announce the event for encouraging you to save the date.

Visit the website of Startup Weekend Tokyo for more details about the event.

To learn what ‘s happening at the previous edition, please refer to these stories on TechCrunch Japan in which Startup Dating co-organizer Takeshi Hirano has been described.

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