New Services And Projects To Be Introduced At Next Event


The following seven services and projects are expected to be introduced at the lightning talks sessions of the next Startup Dating event.

Facebook App from Social Translation Service “Conyac”

Mr. Naoki Yamada, Anydoor co-founder, introduces a new Facebook app developed for their social translation service.



Qomune introduces a item search service called Fashion Style Japan, which allows you to share your interest in clothing with the other users.   Similar to this, Shop Style launched its service in Japan last year.   Qomune expects to make it spread across Asian countries.



We intend to give techpreneurs and developers opportunities to come together and meet, and JP New Tech is doing it for developers and designers.  About 40 attendees came down to their first event, and they will have a next event in late April.

Omakase! Photobook

WOMCOM, a word-of-mouth marketing company, launched a new service called Omakase! Photobook, which allows you to make a (printed) photobook only by sending your picture images online.  The company used to be in charge of public relations for Eye-Fi, a WiFi SD card that allows you to upload picture images from your camera to various web services.



Sassor, a tech start-up known for their web-based power consumption monitoring system, has developed Socialacts.   First, you set a target to achieve, and the app helps you achieve it by giving you badges and tweeting it every time you make efforts.

This is a social check-in service dealing with “objects”, but no details are disclosed so far.   Please look forward to seeing it at the event.

We expect to have one more new service which will be presented at the event.   Upon the presenter’s request, we can’t write about it in advance.   For the services that can be also implemented outside the country, we will ask our advisors Serkan Toto and Jeffrey Paine to give them advices to help out their international expanding.

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