SocialActs Encourages Your Contribution To Society By Action-based Check-in


Give up your seat for those in need to help on a crowded train, make sure to turn off the lights when you leave a room, take care not to waste water.   These are trivial things that you can make people around you happier but are hard to keep on doing.  We’ll forget to do at all when we cannot afford.

SocialActs is a web app that encourages you to keep doing something good for your community. You are requested to set things to achieve as an “ACTION” on the app, and it allows you to share actions to the achievement with the other users every time you check in it.  Reactions of your friends on Facebook and Twitter will encourage you to keep doing the actions.

It is being developed by Sassor, a Tokyo-based start-up known for having developed the Energy Literacy Platform that helps you learn how much you consume power at home(See the 2nd award winner section of this my Asiajin story for more about the program).   And now, there’s no doubt that we are facing the problems of power shortage that the disaster has caused.

If we lose something, we can build it.  That view is no longer accepted.   The problems are not easy to be fixed.   In addition to increasing the power supply by rebuilding nuclear/thermal power plants and developing renewable energy, we need learn how to save power consumption efficiently.

A twitter campaign to encourage power consumption, the Operation Yashima (see this my Asiajin story for more details), might not be spread without experiencing the disaster.  But actually it worked then.

Except victims in the disaster area, we are now getting back to normal.   Socialacts will become essential for us to remember to keep making efforts for the disaster relief.  That may change our country.

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