The slick new iPhone app that brings Japanese fashion trends to Asia


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Tokyo-based app developer YoutFit recently released an application called Japan Style, with the aim of bringing Japan’s latest fashion trends to the world in a magazine style. Its content will be updated every month, and its target readership will be the Asian region. So far it’s available in English and traditional Chinese.

In its first edition it features products from, the global version of Japan’s largest fashion e-commerce site. The app will show you fashionable shops, beautiful scenery, highly-rated restaurants, and other spots where you can experience Japanese youth culture.


New content every month is not very frequent, but they might pick things up a bit in the future as they step up their marketing. Japan Style thinks that users can even use this application as a mobile travel guidebook. They want the app to be an information hub that introduces Japanese fashion spots to foreign visitors in Japan.

The app is available for free over on Apple’s App Store.