Japanese developer Nijibox continues Southeast Asia push



Japanese game developer Nijibox has launched a new title in its Fantasia series, Legend of Fantasia, on the Kotagames platform, targeting South- and Southeast Asia audiences. It will also soon be launching on the mig33 platform as well.

Legend of Fantasia is a card battle game, and is not only available for feature phones (Kotagames is primarily a feature phone gaming platform), but is also optimized for smartphones as well. We’re told that the previous Fantasia titles on Kotagames, Costume Fantasia and Monster Fantasia, saw about 10 percent of revenue coming from smartphones. The folks at Nijibox expect this share to increase rapidly as smartphone adoption increases in the region.

Interestingly, Legend has been especially localized for Indonesia, as it is available in not only English but in Bahasa Indonesia as well. The story is actually set in futuristic Jakarta, after ‘mysterious enemies’ have invaded the city.

The Kotagames platform is growing fast, with 2.5 million users to date, and it’s interesting to see a Japanese game developer reaching out to Southeast Asian users by leveraging the platform.

Konami also operates its Hisho Collection title on Kotagames, having launched in October of last year.

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