See how one creative Japanese office does the Harlem Shake


The viral Harlem Shake meme has been taking the world by storm recently, as you have likely already seen in your internet travels. The infectious dance has even made its way to Japan too, as the folks over at Pixiv have produced a really fun and particularly elaborate version.

As you can see in the video above, it starts off with a lone Stig-like dancer, followed by the rest of his office mates once the beat drops. Ranging from an inverted/skirted office lady to a fuzzy costumed panda in the background, the Pixiv team certainly looks to be having lots of fun here.

In fact, the Tokyo-based company, which runs a very popular online art community of more than 6 million members, is known for having a lively and creative company culture. When a new staff member recently came to the Pixiv office from Malaysia, they welcomed him with a fun personalized hanging banner.

They have an amazingly colorful work space (pictured right) which almost makes Google’s famously playful office seem drab. Stay tuned for more information about Pixiv, as we hope to bring you more details about them in the future.

Written with contributions from Junya Mori