New iPhone app from Domino’s Japan has virtual star Hatsune Miku dance on your pizza


dominosDomino’s Pizza has announced a pretty interesting high-tech collaboration that will create a new version of its already popular mobile app by adding the geeky appeal of virtual Vocaloid superstar Hatsune Miku.

The app is free and has the normal functions of the Domino’s app, including the ability to order pizza, check the status of your order, and collect coupons. And in addition to the aqua-colored Hatsune Miku theme, it also has a few fun features, most notably an augmented reality function called ‘Pizza Stage Live.’ After your pizza arrives, you simply point your smartphone camera at the Hatsune Miku-themed Domino’s pizza box, and it suddenly becomes a stage where the animated singer begins a performance. Apparently the song, dance, and costume were all created by the folks at Domino’s Japan.



Domino’s new app also includes a ‘Social Pizza Camera,’ a simple photo application that superimposes an image of Hatsune Miku – wearing costumes designed by Domino’s staffers – on top of any given scene. Once you take the picture, you can then share to Facebook or Twitter as well. Of course, Domino’s has added their logo at the bottom in the interests of some self-promotion.

Domino’s employees have also gotten in on the action, producing some fun Hatsune Miku videos and songs, also featured in the app. Even Domino’s executive vice president has gotten involved in a truly cringe-worthy promo video for the application, which you can check out below.

If you’d like to try the app for yourself, you can get it for free over on Apple’s Japanese app store.

Update: We subsequently received word that Kamakura-based developer/publisher Kayac worked on this app. Impressive!