Let your iPhone meditate on this zen smartphone stand from Elecom



Here’s a fun new smartphone stand from the folks at Elecom (TYO:6750), affectionately called the Buddy Stand. Japan really likes to anthropomorphize things, and this is a good example. The stand is made of silicon, mimicking a human sitting on the floor with legs in the lotus position, folded underneath, or folded off the the side in a more feminine manner. Each position comes in its own set of colors.

The smartphone is held where the person’s head should be, creating the feeling of a small character that can accompany on your desk, or at your bedside if you’d like to watch some late night video. The surface is sticky so as to keep your smartphone from slipping, and if any dirt gets on there, you can wipe it down with some water.

I wouldn’t mind picking one of these up for my workstation and letting it just run through Tweets using the Trickle app all day. Admittedly, this smartly designed stand doesn’t come too cheap, priced at 3190 yen (or about $34).

Check out more photos of the Buddy Stand below, and let us know what you think!



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