Discover an old world aesthetic with Kyoto Camera for iPhone



Kyoto Camera is a new iPhone photo app that recently joined the already very saturated photo app market. This application is somewhat unique however in that it isn’t about enhancing photos with filters, sharing with friends, or decorating photos with cute stamps. Interestingly, it simply focuses on discovering the colors we traditionally associate with the city of Kyoto in your everyday surroundings.

By placing the white dot at the center of your photo preview, the app detects the object in the screen and displays name of the traditional color, and a corresponding color swatch is shown next to your shot, acting as a sort of stylish border flanking to the right in a polaroid-style snapshot (see above). Photos can then be saved to the camera roll.

kyotocamera-appYou can point to anything in your surroundings such as a convenience store, your shoes, a painting, or even Tokyo Tower. The app is sort of similar to Color Hunter except that it can be used for things in the real world. Kyoto Camera might come in handy for people who are looking to redo their walls in the style of old Kyoto. Or better yet, if you happen to be visiting Kyoto anytime soon, you might use this app to snap off some pictures of key landmarks while you are there.

The city of Kyoto is filled with traditional buildings of beautiful colors. You can even find a brown McDonald’s there, which avoids its usual red so as to not disturb the surrounding landscape. If you’d like to try it out, the app is availabe over on the App Store for 85 yen (or about 90 cents).