Muji’s minimalist wall-mounted speaker plays music straight from your mobile



I’m a big fan of Japanese retailer Muji (TYO:7453) which has a wide range of affordable products which don’t really look terribly cheap. One such product is its newly released wall-mounted bluetooth speaker, which allows you to play music straight from your smartphone.

The device features a fun retro on/off switch, a simple pull string in the style of old-school lamps. And its clean white design is typical Muji minimalist style, and can be mounted on your wall via a handy bracket on the back.

In addition to receiving and playing music from your smartphone (within a range of 10 meters), you can also use the FM tuner if you prefer some radio. There are volume buttons on the speaker itself, but there’s also a remote control which you can use too. The speaker also includes an AC adaptor.

If you’d like to check it out, drop in on a Muji store near you, although for the time being I suspect it’s not on sale outside Japan. It’s also available on the Muji website for 8,900 yen (or about $95). (Yahoo Japan)