On My Mobile: Metaps’ Yusuke Kobayashi


This is the first in our ‘On My Mobile’ series (RSS), a modest attempt to better understand how folks in Japan use their smartphones.

We recently heard from Tokyo-based smartphone ad company Metaps, which just raised $11 million in series B funding. As a semi-related follow up, I thought it might be fun to ask someone from Metaps how they use their own Android phone. Yusuke Kobayashi was kind enough to participate in the first of what we hope to be a continuing series called ‘On My Mobile’. The goal is to take a look at the notable applications that folks in Japan’s tech industry use themselves, in the interests of better understanding Japan’s mobile space.

In the interactive graphic below, you can see a couple of screens from Yusuke’s Android phone. He elaborates a little on three of his favorite applications:

  • MT2 Free – This app is site viewer of Japanese 2channel which is a huge bulletin board site. I often use this app to get various information about entertainment, society, sport, etc. Also, the user comments for this app are pretty funny.
  • Sudoku Plus – This app is puzzle game with numbers. I use this app to kill time and exercise my brain.
  • Revenge Of Dragoon – This app is social game, and the most interesting thing about it is its story and the card battle.

You can mouse over the image below to explore more of Yusuke’s preferred applications.