Snow White laser cut into spectacular 360-degree book by Japanese designer



Opening the palm-sized Snow White book created by Japanese architect/design-engineer Yusuke Oono, you’re instantly drawn in to an amazing 3-dimentional world. He created the breath-taking diorama by precision paper-cutting each individual page.

The Snow White book was born out of a contest held at FabCafe in Tokyo, a space which opened about a year ago with more than 30,000 customers visited the unique design cafe since then. The folks at FabCafe encourage the creation of new designs using a laser cutter installed at the venue, and so far the number of laser cut art works exceeds 2,500.

When FabCafe held its first You Fab 2012 design contest for laser cutter designs, Yusuke Oono’s 360 degree “Snow White” book won the Free Fab award after careful review by panel of judges including Dytham Architecture, Mark Frauenfelder, Hiroya Tanaka. It won out over 359 designs from all over the world.

The 360 degree book design data is now availabe at the online store, FabCafe Deals, for 980 yen (about $11). So anyone who has access to a laser cutter can create their own 360 degree book anywhere in the world. You can see a collection of works by Yusuke Oono over at