Sony TVs through the years [Timeline]


Japanese electronics maker Sony (NYSE:SNE) has been seeing more than its fair share of troubles in recent years, leading up to the recent sale of its Tokyo office building a few weeks back.

But it’s been a pretty long ride for Sony, and many people don’t realize exactly how far back the company’s history goes. I confess, I was a little surprised when today I saw the company’s first transistor television set on sale over on eBay. It’s an 8-inch model from all the way back in 1960! And it isn’t likely to win any retroactive awards for portability either.

I clicked over to the Sony website and found an informative history of its television development, which I thought I’d scrape together and present as a fun timeline. Check it out above. The text is Sony’s so of course they’re going to toot their own horn a little bit here. But in fairness, there are a lot of television ‘firsts’ here, so perhaps it’s well-deserved!

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