Tamagotchi is back as a fun mobile app!



Remember Tamagotchi? The little egg-shaped keychain with a creature inside that asked for your attention to be fed and nurtured? Tamagotchi was first released way back in 1996 from Bandai and it set a precedent for many pet games and apps that followed. 40 million games were sold in over 30 countries, and it became a huge phenomenon in Asia as well as the United States.

Bandai recently released a mobile app version of Tamagotchi for 350 yen (about $3.70). The app’s two modes makes it enjoyable for both kids and their parents. A toy mode replicates the familiar old game in black and white, and a smartphone mode lets you enjoy a touch-panel enabled color screen. Different Tamagotchi characters can be collected in a gallery, and you can redeem special wallpapers and background colors according to the number of characters collected.

Although Tamagotchi’s history goes way back, Japanese kids these days are still familiar with the characters. Bandai’s game has evolved over time, with the latest release being Tamagotchi P’s that specifically targets young girls. Tamagotchi also began its own TV animation series in 2009 and has turned itself into a successful character business.

For anyone who wants to re-live the old experience of raising a Tamagotchi, you can download the app for both iOS and Android.