New portal site for crowdfunding projects helps Japanese creators and entrepreneurs fundraise globally



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One More Inc., a Tokyo-based startup specializing in providing an ASP-based crowdfunding site platform, has released a portal site called Green Funding. The new site aggregates updates on crowdfunding projects from its seven partner sites: Tokyo Calendar Fund, Nylon Project, Tokyo Crowdfunding Club, Sportie Fund, Sustena Crowdfunding, Allez! Japan, and Green Girl.


The startup aspires to help get crowdfunding projects featured on overseas crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo as well. One More’s CEO Takehiko Numata explains:

In order to feature your project on crowdfunding sites outside Japan, you will need to register your company in that country and have an account at a local bank there. The qualification process can be very cumbersome and you’ll face many issues before getting your project featured.

We’re considering partnership with those crowdfunding sites, which will make the process easier. We’ll help project owners submit their proposals to Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and introduce those projects on our portal site so as to encourage Japanese people to back those projects.


As of 2012, the global market for crowdfunding services was worth about 2.8 billion yen (about $28 million). These days, a variety of new crowdfunding services are popping up all around Asia.

On a related note, we recently reported that Japanese internet tycoon Takafumi Horie said he might be taking on a special advisory role for Campfire, one of Japan’s largest crowdfunding services.