Amazing LED bathtub from Japan cycles through 7 soothing colors


Japan has always been a pretty great country in which to take a relaxing soak. But jacuzzi and bath company, Takeshita, gave the nation’s bath culture an extra special splash of color today with its new ‘Hotaru’ (or ‘Firefly’) LED bathtub.

Incredibly this tub, which is composed of a special translucent resin, will cycle through a seven-color gradation of light, producing what the company hopes is a therapeutic, relaxing experience. The Firefly’s lights can be connected to your bathroom lights, so that when you illuminate the bathtub, your bathroom lights go off.

The tub comes in a few varieties, a 350 liter model for 1,002,750 yen, and a 340 liter model for 892,500 yen. There’s also a ‘blower’ type for those of you who like bubble baths. If you live in Japan and think this is for you, the company can arrange for installations nationwide.

Check out the video above for a quick demonstration of the Firefly in action!

(Takeshita via Impress)