Namco Bandai hopes to increase global presence with new subsidiaries in Vancouver and Singapore



Japanese game developer and publisher Namco Bandai (TYO:7832) has announced that it will be establishing subsidiaries in Vancouver and Singapore, with the intention of improving its presence in global markets [1].

The Vancouver office, to be called ‘Namco Bandai Studios Vancouver,’ will develop online social games for North American and European markets. It is set to begin operations in June, and will be located within the Center for Digital Media, a post graduate school supported by local universities.

The British Columbia provincial government said it its announcement that it provided ‘significant assistance’ to Namco Bandai, including tax credits. Vancouver is quickly becoming an international hub in the gaming space with over 85 studios there so far.

As for Singapore, the new Namco Bandai Studios Singapore will also start operations in June, and it will be located at Mediapolis at One North district. Namco Bandai says that this office will be instrumental as the company has many development partners in the region, many of which have also set up shop in Singapore.

For both subsidiaries, the company plans to bring in locally hired staff, with help and support from its Tokyo headquarters.

  1. Namco Bandai’s announcement is here (PDF). I’m aware that the company writes its name in all caps, but in the interests of readability and common sense, I’ll refrain from doing that in this article.  ↩