No girlfriend? No problem. Two hacker projects from Japan help you feel loved


Japanese makers are well known for coming up with very unique inventions. Take for example, Shippo, a fluffy appendage that moves in accordance with your brain waves, or this musical fork that emits music while you eat.

For creative types who come up with fun ideas like these, I expect there isn’t much time left for a love life. But thankfully some enthusiastic hackers in Japan have come up with a few new inventions that simulate a girlfriend’s affection [1].

The first device comes from some students at Tsukuba University. It looks like a regular coat, but if you strap on its special mechanical belt, and put on the included headset, you can experience the feeling of having a girlfriend running up and hugging you from behind. And while it’s not likely a product that will ever come to market, it’s good to see young enthusiastic engineers having fun like this, as you can see in the video below (h/t VS Media).

Another awesome device that simulates a girlfriend’s affection is an unusual set of ‘head pat’ headphones. When worn, the headpiece has a piece on the top with rotates in an attempt to simulate intended a girlfriend patting you affectionately on the head. I’m not certain who the developers in this particular video are, but it looks like a student project as well.

Neither of these devices are especially practical, but I expect that the students who created them have bright futures ahead!

  1. I don’t think these projects should be interpreted as any sort of perverted Japanese tech trend, but rather a great example of some very clever kids with a great sense of humor.  ↩