On My Mobile: 3rdKind Inc’s Taro Hosotani


This is part of our ‘On My Mobile’ series (RSS), a modest attempt to better understand how folks in Japan use their smartphones.

As the third installment in our ‘On My Mobile’ series, let’s hear from Taro Hosotani, the co-founder and CEO of 3rdKind Inc.

Taro knows more than a little about the mobile space, as his company helps foreign companies localize, market, and develop apps for the Japanese market.

In the interactive graphic below, you can see a shot of Taro’s iPhone homescreen, and mouse-hover to get a peek at each application. He says that his favorite applications these days are Flipboard, Spotify, and Nike+ Running – certainly popular apps not only in Japan but around the world. Not surprisingly, his homescreen also includes some 3rdKind apps too!

Thanks for sharing, Taro!