Cerevo invents a smart, Apple-like power strip that keeps your wires under control



Tokyo-based hardware startup Cerevo, best known for its LiveShell livestreaming device, recently introduced another new, intriguing product. It’s called Otto.

ottoapp_screenshotOtto is a wifi and web app enabled power strip which designed to hide the AC adapters from all your laptops and smartphones. And what’s more, the power supply from all eight of its sockets can be controlled over the internet. Two of them can even be controlled by a dimmer, which in addition to letting you turn lights on or off, lets you dim or brighten lights with your smartphone.

This sleek, smart enclosure was designed by Japanese product designer Satoshi Yanagisawa, who is based in the UK. The intent of his design was to harmonize with your living room while at the same time pursuing advanced functions.

Cerevo is now exhibiting Otto at Salone Internazionale del Mobile, currently underway at Milan, Italy. If you have a chance to attend the event, drop by their booth at Pavilion 24-22 and give Otto a try. And if you can’t make the trip to Italy, head over to TV Tokyo’s website where there’s a video demonstration of the device.

Cerevo was founded by ex-Panasonic product producer Takuma Iwasa (aka Waren-osyo) in 2007. It fundraised 120 million yen from EC Navi, Kronos Fund, and P&A in 2009; and 250 million yen from Enova, Inspire, and Neostella Capital in 2011.