Pitapat launches invitation-only Q&A app for startups and entrepreneurs


pitapat_logoTokyo-based startup Pitapat, known for having developed a Facemash-like girl-finding app, introduced its first (more pragmatic) app for business people today. It’s called Qixil [1], an invitation-only service which is open to entrepreneurs or venture founders only. Non-entrepreneurs can also sign up for the service if they receive an invitation from any of the existing users.

The app is available on desktop and mobile, and is designed for entrepreneurs sharing knowledge about startups. It allows you to ask other users for tips or key advice on how to drive your startup. Pitapat has developed an algorithm to show you metrics on how much available advisors are trusted by the startup community, in important growth areas like investment, hiring, marketing etc. The service tries to make you feel as if you were discussing your choice with a group of mentors at an incubator.

Pitapat won the top award at the 2011 Breakthrough Camp with its girl-hunting app called FaceMatch, and it became later a subsidiary of CyberAgent (TYO:4751) [2]. The app received much attention from the younger generation in Japan, mostly among males. But it suddenly shut down last September, and we’ve been looking forward to what they produce next.

I’m not sure how they intend to monetize this new app, but it will be a really helpful tool for startup owners whenever they need some helpful advice.


  1. The pronunciation in Japanese sounds like ‘ask’ and learn’.  ↩

  2. No figures were disclosed for the acquisition.  ↩