Puzzle & Dragons still killing it, tops 13 million downloads



Japan’s hit mobile game Puzzle & Dragons has surpassed the 13 million downloads milestone as of yesterday, just 19 days after it passed the 12 million mark. This continues its previous pace of about a million downloads every three weeks or so, a trajectory the game has had since last November.

The timing is fortuitous as Gung Ho Entertainment (3765:JASDAQ) held a fan event today at the Tokyo Dome. During the event, it was announced that there would be a Puzzle & Dragons x Evangelion collaboration coming at the end of May [1].

From my own point of view, the best metric of how well P&D is doing is whether or not I’m still playing it. And I’m still coming back to play it on close to a daily basis. The game has managed to hit a sweet spot between very, very casual, but yet still very engaging with a lot of depth. It’s hard to put down, but yet, at the same time, it isn’t — just close the app at any time during gameplay, and pick it up again whenever you’re ready.

If you have yet to try the game, check out our video introduction to Puzzle & Dragons here.[Via Gamebiz.jp]

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  1. I considered going, but I’m sort of glad I didn’t given the crowds that were reported.   ↩