Tokyo City Symphony: Fun 3D projection mapping marks Roppongi Hills’ 10th anniversary



Besides being one of the central hubs in the city of Tokyo, the Roppongi area is also a place that many startups call home. Likewise many tech giants like Yahoo, GREE, and Google, as well as and a number of incubators, have set up offices there too. In the center of the area is the iconic Roppongi Hills, a 53 story facility features museums, restaurants, a cinema, and all kinds of entertainment.

Roppongi Hills just celebrated its 10 year anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion a new project called Love Tokyo has been launched. Mori Building, the company behind Roppongi Hills, has created a fantastic 3D projection mapping website called Tokyo City Symphony. The site presents a miniature model of the city of Tokyo at a 1:1000 scale, and allows users to enjoy 3D projection mapping on the city of Tokyo.

On the website, you begin by choosing the theme for the city you want to project from — it could be Future City, Rock City, or Edo City (old/traditional). Just tap on the keys of your keyboard and its like you’re playing a piano, with the city of Tokyo as your instrument. When visiting the website initially you’ll hear a man’s voice announce “Roppongi, Roppongi,” the same voice you hear as you exit the train at Roppongi station. You can also save and share your original Tokyo symphony on Twitter and Facebook.

Happy 10th anniversary, Roppongi Hills!