Tokyo Roppongi Gigapixel: See the city in spectacular panoramic detail


Jeffrey Martin is the founder of 360cites, a website devoted to panoramic photography around the world [1]. And he has taken his photography talents to Tokyo, shooting an amazing panoramic shot of the Roppongi area from atop Mori Tower [2].

You can navigate the photo using the directional and zoom arrows a the base of the display. But to give you and idea of the kind of detail we’re talking about here, check out Tokyo Skytree pictured on the horizon below:


And here it is when you zoom all the way in on it!


Below you can see a shot of Jeffrey with his camera set-up. I’d be a little bit nervous reaching out to adjust that camera if I was him! Check out the entire panoramic photo here if you’d like to browse the amazing scene for yourself.

For those of you interested in creating your own panoramic photos, 360cities has some basic instructions on how to get started. You might start with the 360cities mobile app, available for both iPhone and iPad, which looks very simple to use.

You can find even more amazing panoramas from around the world over on (Via Gigazine)


  1. And some from out of this world!  ↩

  2. Initially I thought that this was panorama was created recently, although I suspect it might have been taken in 2012, and only published recently.  ↩