Japanese finance app Zaim rolls out slick web version, updates Android app with OCR

Zaim’s new web interface

Read our Japanese article on Zaim’s new web interface

Last week we mentioned that Japanese personal finance application Zaim had added OCR to its repertoire, allowing users to quickly scan receipts with their smartphone camera. And today that function has been added to the Zaim Android app as well.

Today but my colleague Junya also noticed today that the web version of the Zaim service has finally dropped, with a pretty gorgeous interface. The main page gives you a general overview of your spending, showing totals for the current month, week, and day. There’s also a slick category breakdown of expenditures, plus a list of recent purchases in the sidebar. And while most people will use the smartphone apps for inputing purchases, the web version now also allows for purchase input as well.

Zaim web version, calendar view

There is also a ‘history’ tab where you can get an more extensive look at recent purchases, as well as a ‘totals’ tab where you can view graphical and tabular summaries of spending.

Currently this web version is only available in Japanese, although I would hope that like their apps that it becomes available in English later as well.

There is no shortage of finance management options in Japan. We also recently featured Moneytree, another handy app that helps you track your expenditures by importing bank and credit card billing updates.