Fun Japanese photo app lets you snap pics in classic games



For all you old school gamers out there, here’s a fun new photo app from Tokyo-based Mfro that will take you back to the early days of console gaming. It’s called Famikon Camera, an allusion to Nintendo’s first game system released in Japan in the early 80s [1].

What’s fun about this camera app is that parts of it actually feel like a game, taking on a faux Mario Bros look, with a choice of four pipes – each one corresponding to different kinds of photo framing options: nomikai (or drinking party), meals, going out, and other.

From there you’ll be presented with a variety of photo frames and overlays that you can apply, with looks corresponding to many of your favorite classic games. When you add your own photo (it can be a picture taken live with your camera, or one from your album), you can then apply one of many pixelating filters so that it blends well with the 8-bit style. For example, below you can see a street scene with the fun Mario Bros frame applied.

If you’d like to check out Famikon Camera, you can get it over on the App Store. The company has also recently released its HadoukenCamera camera app, which is somewhat similar to the Kame Camera app that we featured last week.

A regular street scene becomes Mario World?

  1. Or Famicom, as it’s usually referred to in English.  ↩