Japanese data analysis startup pLucky raises funds from CyberAgent Ventures



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pLucky is the Tokyo-based startup behind the user behavior analysis tool Slash-7. The company announced today that it has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from CyberAgent Ventures. We figure that it’s worth about 20 million yen ($200,000).

Slash-7 aims to gives website owners sophisticated data analysis for reasonable rates. Many executives at Japanese companies are becoming increasingly interested in making the most of big data analysis to improve their business. But for website managers, it’s a time consuming task and may also result in additional costs or a possible delay spilling over into your regular projects.

The Slash-7 tool is based on Google BigQuery, a database engine for analyzing large amounts of data. It gives you access to ‘cohort analysis‘, helping measure user engagement over time. This allows users to monitor user retention rates by traffic source or measure conversion rates for a specific user group before or after a promotional campaign.

The startup was launched back in 2011 by Nobuhiro Hayashi. He has been working in the web industry for almost 10 years, and previously worked at notable Japanese startups, including Tonchidot.