Presentations just got even more zen with Kokuyo’s ring remote



When you’re trying to make a persuasive presentation, you are unlikely to be sitting in front of a computer, just clicking through your slides. Rather, you want to be standing, facing the audience, with energy in your voice and animated movements or gestures.

To give you an additional tool for your presentation arsenal, stationary and office supplies manufacturer Kokuyo has announced a new ring-shaped device that can help.

Using Kokuyo’s presentation remote, Kokuyoseki, people can easily click through their slides. By putting the device on your index finger, you can use your thumb to click its buttons. A simple click of the ‘Next’ or ‘Back’ button works as a page turner, and a long press allows for presentations slides to start or end. With the black out button the screen turns black, so that you can put your presentation on hold to have discussions.

Kokuyoseki supports both PowerPoint for Windows and Mac, as well as Keynote 1. The device is 32 mm in diameter and weighs about 12 grams with the battery, usually good for about 15 hours. The device can be enabled by inserting a receiver in your computer’s USB port, and it doesn’t require any drivers to be installed.

The ring comes in two sizes, a larger size for your finger, and a smaller that can be fitted on a laser pointer. Kokuyoseki will be available for 4,935 yen (or about $49) starting June 12th.


  1. Note that some of the long press controls are unavailable on Mac PowerPoint.