After becoming Japan’s top iPhone app, ReceReco sees download surge



Just recently we told you about Japanese personal finance app ReceReco, which at that time had announced that it had surpassed 500,000 downloads. Since that time, the app spent about some time at or near the top of the Japanese iOS App Store charts [1], and that appears to have given the service a significant boost.

A representative for BrainPad Inc, the developer of ReceReco informs us that the app has now passed 800,000 downloads, no doubt thanks its successful week, which likely exposed it to many new users. Those sort of numbers are pretty common in the gaming space, but perhaps it’s a little rare for a finance app.

When asked about whether or not the company might try its luck offering such a service to overseas users, we were told that while that’s a consideration, the current focus is on making ReceReco profitable in Japan first [2].

At the recent Infinity Ventures Summit startup event, we heard from another Japanese finance startup called Money Forward. During the pitch, the founder noted that they have have a partnership to integrate with ReceReco, which is certainly a plus for anyone who uses both services.

ReceReco rankings on App Store, via App Annie

  1. It hit number one overall on May 20th, and held the number two position until May 23rd.  ↩

  2. Of course, if this service were to branch out to other markets, it would definitely be in need of a name change, I think.  ↩