Shadow Love: The Japanese iPhone game made entirely with shadow puppets [Video]


Here’s a really fun iPhone game from Japan that is created entirely with shadow puppet characters. It’s called Shadow Love, and it’s a side-scrolling platformer where you take on the role of a cute shadow bunny rabbit, just like the type you probably tried to make when you were a kid.

Your task is to navigate to the end of each round, evading other shadow puppet enemies like snails, crabs, porcupines, and even alligators. Even the backgrounds, buttons, and inter-titles are made in this shadow art style, and it gives the game a really nice look, especially with the colored backgrounds.

Shadow Love, which was developed by Japanese game publisher Strawberry Gohan, has been around for almost a year now. But for some reason it hasn’t really gotten much attention, even in its home market of Japan. That’s a shame too, because the gameplay is really smooth, with very easy-to-handle controls.

There are two versions of Shadow Love available: one for $0.99 (for iPhone or iPad, with retina support), which has 30 stages to play through; and there’s also a free version called Shadow Love Free Plus, with five levels to play.

If you’d like like to learn more, check out our demo in the video above.