Japanese accounting solution provider, A-SaaS, raises $6.6 million



Accounting SaaS Japan, or A-SaaS for short, is a Tokyo-based startup providing solutions to Japanese accounting firms. The startup announced that today it has raised 625 million yen (approximately $6.6 million) from SalesForce.com, GREE Ventures, and Mobile Internet Capital [1].

Computer systems used at Japanese accounting firms have been mostly dominated by a few vendors for a long time [2]. In partnership with SalesForce.com, the startup plans to optimize their solutions so they can be operated on SaaS environment Force.com, with plans to jointly intensify sales and marketing efforts with the SaaS company.

There are about 32,500 accounting firms in Japan, and almost 80% of their systems are dominated by Japan’s top 3 accounting system providers. The startup expects to replace 5,000 of them with their SaaS solutions by the end of 2017, which accounts for 15.4% of all accounting firms in the country.

A-Saas was launched back in 2009 by Toshinao Morisaki. He previously worked with accounting solution vendor JDL, and served as the president of its subsidiary Ibex Airlines.

  1. Gree Ventures is, of course, the investment arm of Japan’s social gaming giant Gree. Mobile Internet Capital is a VC firm launched by ex-Intel Japan Chairman Ikuo Nishioka. ↩
  2. Japan’s three leading vendors for accounting firm solutions are TKC, JDL, and MJS. ↩