Magic mirror on my phone, will today’s sun hurt my skin tone?



Japanese Mobile carrier NTT Docomo has partnered with iStyle (the company behind giant cosmetics review site @Cosme) to provide a beauty app called Bihada UV Mirror 1. The app’s name roughly translates to ‘Beautiful Skin Ultraviolet Mirror’, and it makes use of your mobile’s front-facing camera to transform your phone into a compact mirror.

The mirror function lets you make sure you look good, but it also detects harmful ultraviolet radiation information at the time, showing six levels, each as a different background color. Other functions of the app includes Bihada Tenki (meaning ‘beautiful skin weather’), letting users set a default region, and then displaying weather information like temperature and humidity.

Partnering with @Cosme, Bihada UV Mirror provides beauty related information in a section called Beaty Navi. Beauty conscious users can enjoy information about skin care, depending on the ultraviolet level, as well as basic knowledge about ultraviolet radiation. @Cosme has over 10 million cosmetic product reviews and ultraviolet-proof product rankings that users can enjoy within the app.

Bihada UV Mirror can be downloaded for free over on Google Play.

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  1. @Cosme has over 2.2 million registered users, in case you’ve forgotten.