First Hacker News Nagoya meetup to take place this Saturday, June 22



There are lots of fun tech-focused community events springing up around Japan. Of course, for us here in Tokyo it’s sometimes easy to overlook what’s happening beyond the capital.

Hacker News events have been held in various cities around Japan (and of course, the world), and tomorrow Nagoya will be added to that list, with the city’s first Hacker News meetup being held in the afternoon [1].

The venue will be Adea (find a detailed map over on the page), and the time has been set for 2pm to 6pm, so that anyone who visits from out of town can catch a train back home. If you can’t make it, you can follow the discussion on Twitter on the #hnnagoya hashtag.

For more details about the Hacker News events, check out Hacker News Tokyo or Hacker News Kansai.

  1. I shamefully have to confess that I’ve not attended one of these events yet. But I hope to do so soon.   ↩