2 Tokyo startups team up on real-time data analysis for advertising



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Tokyo-based startups Freak Out and Preferred Infrastructure (PFI) have announced a joint venture between the two companies, to be called Intimate Merger. The entity’s purpose will be to launch new ad solution businesses.

For those not familiar with the two companies, Freak Out provides a RTB (real-time bidding) advertising platform for smartphone devices, and PFI provides a range of technologies like information search, recommendations, and machine-learning. By combining their services and technologies, they plan to provide practical solutions for their clients’ marketing or communication needs. Specifically, Freak Out will provide ad technologies including the startup’s flagship DSP (demand-side platform) solutions, and PFI will provide consulting services on optimizing ad performances using big data analysis.

The two companies have appointed Ryoji Yanashima as president of this new joint venture. Prior to Freak Out, he worked at GREE and was involved in developing several new platforms. He subsequently joined Freak Out and has been focusing on building revenue.

Our readers may recall that Freak Out received series B funding worth 500 million yen (approximately $5.3 million) from Yahoo Japan’s investment arm, YJ Capital, in March 2013.