Japanese makeup tips and tutorials prove popular online



We’ve written about the popular cosmetics and makeup review portal @Cosme on a few occasions. i-Style, the company behind the giant portal announces its most popular cosmetic products twice a year. The award-winning cosmetics are selected purely from generated user-reviews on the portal, and also factors in @Cosme’s own metrics [1].

@Cosme also has some hair and make-up video tips on its Cawaii Channel where they give out specific how-tos on products that rank well — tips like how to make cat-eyes, or how to put on fake eye-lashes. Many Japanese women prefer to buy cosmetics at stores — at least the first time, since they can get good advice on how to use the products. Cawaii channel is simple but serves a similar purpose.

But other Japanese companies are trying to meet the demands in this market as well. There is another make-up video portal called Minna no Make, (roughly translated as Everyone’s makeup) which is a close equivalent to Beautylish. The site provides make-up tips by popular professional makeup artists for makeup as well as nails. Users can get advice or post their own tips and make friends around makeup and nail products. The most popular video on the site (as we write this) is how to put on red eyeliner (see video below).

Minna no Make is interesting in that users can find the makeup or nail products of their choice, and then find videos that show how to use those products. There is also a premium membership where members work as ambassadors of the site, and are given dedicated pages with more designs, original name cards to hand out to friends, and invites to exclusive events.

  1. If you would like to see the list of winning products, you can check it out on their website in Japanese or Chinese.  ↩