Tokyo-based invoicing solution MakeLeaps is now used by 10,000 business



Tokyo-based invoicing system MakeLeaps has announced (PDF) today that the company has reached its previously stated goal of 10,000 business users.

The service was initially launched back in 2009, and last year it acquired competing invoicing service Noroshi, a significant step for the company. At the time, the CEO of MakeLeaps’ parent company Webnet IT corporation, Jason Winder, hoped that the acquisition would bring them to 10,000 businesses by August 2013. Now they have reached that benchmark with time to spare.

Companies in Japan have not been as quick to jump on the cloud computing band wagon as in the US market. But they’re coming around, says Winder, largely thanks to cloud success stories like Salesforce which is used by many prominent Japanese companies. He adds:

Our biggest challenge is really just letting people know that these solutions now exist, and they’re low cost, and easily available. Our biggest competitor is not a competing software package, it’s still very much Microsoft Excel, since that’s what most Japanese companies are using to create/send their documents.

Back in April MakeLeaps also added Evernote integration (PDF) so that users can sync their quotes and invoices into an Evernote notebook. About 20% of Evernote’s users come from Japan, so this is a pretty wise addition.

MakeLeaps has been growing an average of 18% each month this year (see chart below), and is now focused on reaching 25,000 companies by July of 2014.