Manga plates turn dinnertime into an epic comic food fight



Some of you may recall when we recently featured the recently launched crowdfunding platform Anipopo. On that site, you can discover and support manga artists, or any projects that you think deserves some help. I came across an interesting design item that any manga fan would love on their dinner table. It’s called Mangazara, ‘zara’ or ‘sara’ meaning ‘plate’ in Japanese.

And these manga plates are really awesome, because the printed design makes your food look like it’s part of a manga story. There are eleven designs available in total, like two women in a stare-down or a big manga-style sound effect for example. With the latter, you could put some popcorn on there to make it look like an epic snack battle!

Comicalu, the company behind these manga plates, has just released more mangazara in collaraboration with Glass Mask (or Garasu No Kamen), a famous manga that started way back in 1976. The company says that the three types of illustrations make for a very dramatic dinner table, all for the affordable price of 2980 yen each (about $32).

It’s certainly a great way to initiate some dinner conversation. But if you don’t like kids playing with their food, it might be something you want to avoid!