Kyoto startup unveils a simple alternative to Google Reader



As many of our readers likely already know, Google will retire Google Reader on July 1st. More than a few startups and developers around the world have put forth alternatives to the dying de-facto standard. Which one will emerge as the new front runner?

Kyoto-based startup Modelor today unveiled a new RSS reading app called Presser, which is available both on the web and for iOS. It will follow with versions for Android, Mac, and iPad soon. The Presser team is mostly comprised of students attending Kyoto University.

In addition to the general RSS reading feature, the app will learn your preferences and recommend several news articles you may like every day.

Modelor was founded by Kyoto-based UI/UX designer Yosuke Nishida. He previously co-founded and worked with Reventive, the startup behind Close, a social networking app. He recently decided to begin his own startup, as Reventive recently managed to secure funding from Mixi.