Japanese mobile video service NotTV hits a million paid subscribers

Photo: RBB Today

Back in April we mentioned that Japanese mobile video site NotTV had reached the 700,000 subscriber milestone, although at the time it had fallen short of its first year goal of a million. But now Mmbi, the company offering the service, has announced that this target has finally been reached as of June 1st, with subscribers still growing at a decent pace (see chart below).

Even though NotTV is late hitting its target, the company still plans to celebrate the milestone with a quiz show this July where it plans to give away 4 million yen to participants and winners.

The service originally started back in April of 2012, but in its first few months there weren’t as many NotTV compatible handsets available. The service is backed by Docomo, with many of its handsets offering NotTV. There are now 26 phone models offering the service, and that’s expected to rise to 33 by the end of July, according to Nikkei. The service is available in 33 prefectures, but they hope to offer it nationwide by March of next year.

Mmbi has previously stated that its long term goal is to accumulate 10 million mobile video subscribers. It still has a very long way to go.