Tokyo startup launches 3D rendering showcase portal, targets global community



Tokyo-based startup Poynter today has launched a web-based 3D rendering showcase (of the same name), enabling 3D modelers to share their figurines, illustrations, and even photos. Aiming to target the Vocaloid fan community worldwide, it’s available in both English and Japanese.

In terms of sharing the appearance of virtual figurines online, there used to be no way other method than capturing a video from your rendering app on desktop, and then uploading it to video sharing sites like as YouTube. But the Poynter app allows other users to move around your creation on screen however they wish, so of course it’s far more enjoyable.

The company plans to integrate the service with artificial intelligence technology in the near future, making it possible to let 3D models move in accordance with a user’s verbal commands over the internet. Regarding possible monetization models, the startup’s CEO Hiroki Takeuchi says the company will primary obtain revenues from banner advertising and on-the-site purchases.

The startup was launched back in 2012, and received seed funding from Tokyo-based incubator Samurai Incubate.