GungHo’s ‘other’ mobile game, Princess Punt Sweets, passes 6M downloads



While Japanese gaming publisher GungHo Entertainment has made huge headlines based merely on the performance of its smash hit Puzzle & Dragons, we shouldn’t forget that the company has another popular title for mobile in Japan called Princess Punt Sweets.

Originally released back in late 2012, the game has surpassed the six million downloads milestone as of June 9, a significant achievement for the company. It took less than six months to reach this target, putting the game on roughly the same million-downloads-per-month pace that Puzzle & Dragons has kept up for so long.

Of course the title is nowhere near the money maker that Puzzle & Dragons is, but in fairness, that’s an incredibly tough act to follow. Princess Punt Sweets has fared respectably well on the top grossing charts for both iOS and Android, with at 36th and 18th for those stores respectively.

Of course the big question is, how well can GungHo’s games perform in markets outside Japan? Personally, I like both games [1] and I think they both have global appeal, P&D because its just a brilliantly executed game on every level, and Princess just because it’s cute, and the aiming (kicking) mechanism is similar to that of Angry Birds [2].

Princess is a fun game though, and if you’d like to check it out, you can get it over on the App Store or on Google Play. GungHo’s promotional video is below. (Via

  1. I confess I’m especially hooked on Puzzle & Dragons, as I have explained before.  ↩

  2. I should note that a previous version of Princess was released for markets outside Japan, with what could be described as only very limited success in a few markets around Asia.  ↩