Japanese Raspberry Pi robot reaches Kickstarter goal in 2 days



Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer, capable of many of the same functions as your desktop PC. And Tokyo-based gadget creator Kiluck has unveiled a cool humanoid robot that can work with the miniature computer. On Thursday began a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its production.

As of right now, it has been more than three days since the launch on the crowdfunding site, and the robot ‘fanufacturing’ project has raised more than £25,000 (about $38,600), exceeding the original target of £20,000 ($30,900).


The new robot is called Rapiro, and was developed by Kiluck in collaboration with three Japanese manufacturing companies. The startup’s founder, Shota Ishiwatari, is also known for having developed Necomimi, a wearable cat-ear device that moves in accordance with your brainwave activity. Some of our readers may have seen the device at various tech conferences around the world.

In combination with Raspberry Pi, Kiluck’s new widget lets you create a new friend of your own for a total cost of less than $500. The the product is expected to ship at the end of this year.