Japanese receipt recording app ‘ReceReco’ hits 1M downloads in first 145 days



Back in mid-May we noted that Japanese receipt recording app ReceReco had broken through its first year target of 500,000 downloads, just three and a half months after its January 31st launch. The app lets you take pictures of your receipts with your smartphone camera, reading, analyzing, and storing data about your purchasing history, and it has been very popular here in Japan since its release.

At the time, Brain Pad (the company behind the app) said that they were targeting a million downloads before the end of the year. But ReceReco, which remains a fixture at or near the top of the finance app category in Japan, topped 1 million this past Monday, the company now tells us. It took just 145 days to reach that goal, a pace that far exceeds their initial expectations.

What’s remarkable here is that this growth comes only on the iOS platform, so once an Android version hits Google Play (that release is scheduled for September), similar popularity is virtually assured now that the app has gained some popularity and name recognition.

ReceReco is still only available in Japan, and can be downloaded over on the app store for free, with a paid add-ons that removes advertisements. To mark this 1 million download milestone, ReceReco has the ad removal function available at a discount (85 yen) for the rest of the month.