Futuristic new SnanSnap is contactless, scans books without harming them



Many of you may already be familiar with ScanSnap, a personal document scanner made by the folks at Fujitsu, letting you scan and digitalize your printed documents. PFU, the Fujitsu subsidiary behind this scanner, has just announced that it will release a new model of scanner, its SV600, starting July 23rd.

By using Versatile Imaging Technology, this newest scanner lets people scan books or papers of A3 in size and up to three centimeters thick, without having to cut out pages or excessively flatten the original in any way. This contactless scanner has a sort of futuristic looking desk-lamp design, and by placing the object for scanning on the ‘mattress,’ it reads them from overhead. The scanner has on-board features including book correction, which compensates for the contours of the book, and detects page turns.

You can even use this scanner to read multiple things at once (such as business cards) as the SV600 has an auto-dividing feature as well, able to detect up to 10 cards simultaneously.

The SV600 is compatible with Windows, but the company plans to support Mac in the fall of this year. The company says that the primary target for the new scanner is public institutions such as university research departments or libraries. But they want users to explore new ways to leverage the product.

The price is expected to be somewhere around 59,800 yen (or about $633). Check out the video below that demonstrates the many ways that the new ScanSnap can be used in everyday life.