Japanese design house shows a sense of humor, with fun ‘breasts t-shirt’ and more



EcoD Works is an interesting Japanese creative design company. Currently there are only a few design works listed on the its website, but they all seem true to the company’s mission: “to create humorous art and design.” Their name, EcoD, can be read backwards as ‘Doke’, which means ‘clowning’ in Japanese. Here are a few funny products from EcoD that we think are great.

Hanaga Tap

EcoD Works’ ‘Hanaga Tap’ is an electrical outlet extension shaped like a person’s nose. The company explains that the beauty of the product is that is is unpractical and useless. Hanaga Tap sought 650,000 yen (or about $6,495) on Japanese crowdfunding site Campfire, but fell short of its target raising just 250,000 yen.

Moso Mapping

Perhaps the most famous production from EcoD Works is its Moso Mapping project. Moso means delusion in Japanese, and this red bra t-shirt was sold on the Village Vanguard online shop, selling out its first run in just three days. The product was first exibited at Tokyo Designers Week 2012.

The Moso Mapping t-shirt is available for 3,600 yen (or about $36) over at Village Vanguard. You can also check out people’s reactions in the video below as girls wearing the t-shirt walk around Tokyo’s Ginza district.


Chu-Lip is product whose name is coined term from the word ‘tulip’, some clever wordplay considering that ‘chu’ means a kiss in Japanese. You can use Chu-Lip as a vase, or drink from it using a straw. The product comes in glossy red or white, and is available for purchase over on craft website Minne for 3,360 yen (or about $34).