Introducing our Interactive LINE Timeline

line timeline

One of the stories that we have been watching closely on this site is the progress of Line, the chat app that is wildly popular here in Japan and rapidly expanding abroad.

In the same spirit of our recent Japan Internet Map, here is our second interactive production – our Line Timeline. It brings together the company’s major updates since it’s original launch way back in 2011, all the way to yesterday’s astounding 200 million downloads milestone.

We’re still experimenting with these information rich presentations, but as with last time, the goal here is to provide you with as many details and links as possible. But we had fun with a chat bubble design and even added some fun stickers! We don’t ask anything in return, but if you like it and want to share it with friends, it would certainly be good incentive for us to continue this kind of more time-intensive work!

As always, your feedback is welcome!

Click to view interactive Line Timeline